Radio control 4 channels SRF-4884

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Radio controller

The team consists of two devices: a remote control and a receiver. The remote control has an extendable antenna increasing its range and four buttons A, B C and D. The receiver mounted on the T-35 bus has 4 open collector outputs, respectively. The team is used to run drivers or their teams in the Smart Home system.

The SRF-4884 controller remote control

Remote control for the SRF-4884 radio controller. The remote control has four buttons that control four identical controller outputs. Pressing the button causes the controller's output to ground - this corresponds to the operation of the mechanic button. Remote control dimensions: length - 6 cm (with advanced antenna - 13 cm), width - 3 cm, thickness - 1.5 cm.

Control of stairs lighting

The main application of the SRF-4884 driver is cooperation with lighting controllers for stairs. Connect he SRF-4884 receiver outputs directly to the stairs controller inputs and thus you can remotely start the animation and turn on the permanent lighting of the stairs or, for the STX-1796 driver, change the color programs remotely.

The principle of work

Pressing the button on the remote control corresponds to the response of the corresponding output. All outputs have an open collector configuration, ie they short their output to ground - they act like a remote controlled button. This allows you to connect the radio controller outputs parallel to the sensors and mechanical buttons that support the controller.

The radio controller output can also be used to operate other devices. However, one must remember about the impassable output current equal to 100 mA per one output. In the case of connecting inductive elements to the outputs (eg a relay), the controller output must be protected against overvoltages by connecting a diode in parallel to the inductive element.

Diagram of connection to the STX-1796 RGB stairs controller

Connection diagram for the SRF-4884 radio controller for the stair lighting controller STX-1796. With the radio controller you can start the animation up the stairs (A), down (B), change programs (C) or options (D).

Technical data:


Power supply: 12V 27A L828 battery


Power supply: 12V, 10mA

Operating frequency: 433MHz

Receiver outputs type OC (open collector)

Load capacity of outputs: 100mA each.