Ultrasonic 12V motion sensor CRN-5462

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Ultrasonic object detector
Ultrasonic object detector


Ultrasonic 12V motion detector CRN-5462 with adjustable field of view range from 1 cm to 250 cm, for applications as a device that triggers controllers after detecting an object. The most common application is cooperation with lighting controllers for stairs. The sensor, after detecting an object in the set zone, sends a pulse initiating the operation of the controller.

The sensor's working voltage is 12V and it can be powered from power supply 12V for LED strips.

Manual of CRN-5462 motion sensor (in PDF) - DOWNLOAD

Sensor field of view

Sensor field of view

   The most important advantage of the sensor is the ability to precisely set the object detection zone. The range ranges from 1 cm to 250 cm counting from the face of the emitters. You can set the zone, for example, from 1 cm to 50 cm or from 60 cm to 120 cm. For the beginning of the zone and for its end any value between 1 and 250 cm can be set. One should only remember that the value for the beginning of the zone is smaller than the value for the end of the zone. Please also note that the sensor can see objects in the field with an opening of about 60 degrees. The zone is factory set to a range from 5 to 100 cm.

Sensor connection

Sensor connector

   The sensor has a three-pole socket with a description. Connect the wires running from the controller to the connected plug as described on the socket: +12V power supply, signal cable connected to the controller input and minus 12V power supply (GND). The connection should be made in accordance with the socket description on the sensor. ATTENTION! Reverse connection of the plug will damage the sensor!

After connecting to the power supply, the sensor signals it with five pulses of the LED diode and is ready for operation. The observed distance is factory set to a range from 5 cm to 100 cm. If there is an object in this space, the sensor sends a short pulse to the controller (about 1 second) and then goes into the idle state for about 5 seconds. The idle state of the sensor is indicated by the LED diode lighting. After this time, the sensor returns to object detection mode.

Setting parameters

The ultrasonic sensor has four parameters that can be set in a wide range. The first and second are the field of view of the sensor. The third parameter is the pulse length - from 1 second to 100 seconds. The fourth parameter determines the dead time of the sensor and is set in the range from 1 second to 20 seconds.

SET button and LED indicator light

The sensor must be connected to the power supply and there should be no objects in its field of view. The SET button should be pressed and held while the LED is off. After pressing the button, the LED will light up. Now let release of the button. There will be four quick flickering LEDs. By pressing the button during proper flickering, one of four parameters can be set.

Dimensions of the sensor

Dimensions of the sensor

The sensor fits freely into the 60 mm hole. It’s best to buy the so-called frame with end cap. Two holes should be made in the end cap, with a diameter of 16 mm spaced out by 25.4 mm (1 inch).

Diagram of sensor connection

Motion sensor CRN-5462

   Connect the sensors to the controller only after checking whether the controller works properly, ie if the animation lights up correctly after pressing the buttons on the housing.  If the controller works incorrectly, we again adjust the setting and possibly the angle of view of the sensors.

Technical parameters

Type: Ultrasonic motion sensor
Power supply: 5V, from the appropriate controller output.
Power consumption:: ok. 10 mA
Range: from 1 cm to 250cm (set in parameters)
Frequency of measurements: about 10 x on the second
Output: open collector, load up to 100 mA
Pulse length: 1 second (set in parameters)
Maximum dimensions: 46x21x28 mm