Tester for STX1793 and STX-1796 RGB controller

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Tester for controlling the work of controllers STX-1793 and STX-1796 RGB. It allows you to check the correct operation of the controller and present the operation of the device.

The device is very useful during assembly. Allows you to check if the bad work of the set is from damage to the controller or due to errors in the installation. 

The controller works in RGB mode, i.e. it displays all the colors during the controller operation.


Tester TST-1796

The first one is used to start the animation up, the second to start the animation down, the third to the animation from the middle part of the stairs (mezzanine), and the last one, the fourth to turn on the stairs lighting permanently.

Tester TST-1796

Mounting the tester

Tester TST-1796

Connecting the tester to the controller is simple. The tester pins should be inserted into the controller's terminals and then tightened securely. The 12V power supply should be connected to the tester terminals as described. Do not mistake the power polarity!

Diagram of TST-1796 tester (in PDF) - DOWNLOAD