Motion Sensor 12V CRN-5481

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CRN-5481 is a Motion sensor for 12V voltage for applications as a device that triggers controllers when motion of an object is detected. The sensor is cooperating with lighting controllers for stairs. The sensor detects objects emitting infrared (heat) radiation, such as people or animals. The sensor has a mounted adapter for making a negative level of pulse and can be connected directly to the controller input.
Operating voltage of the sensor is from 5 to 20V and therefore can continue to work with 12V which is usually available at the power of LED strips.


Motion sensor CRN-5481

The motion sensor has two controls: the pulse time (TIME) and sensitivity (SEN). Before connecting the sensor both potentiometers must be set to a minimum. When adjusting work of the sensor, the sensor can be adjusted only at the element of sensitivity adjustment.

Connecting the sensor

Motion sensor CRN-5481

   The sensor has three contacts. Make sure to connect the power supply and controller input with great attention. Misconnection of the power supply or controller input will damage both devices! Plug wires from the controller: + 12V power supply, signal cable connected to the controller input and minus 12V power supply (GND) to the soldered plug. The connection should be made as described on the socket mounted on the sensor.

Diagram of sensor connection

Motion sensor CRN-5481

   Connect the sensors to the controller only after checking whether the controller works properly, ie if the animation lights up correctly after pressing the buttons on the housing.  If the controller works incorrectly, we again adjust the setting and possibly the angle of view of the sensors.


Supply Voltage: 4.5V-20V
Power consumption: <10mA
Output (output signal level): high / low: 5V (open collector)
Range: 3-7 meters (adjustable)
Measurement angle: Pulse time: 5-200 seconds (adjustable, standard 5s + -3%)
Lock Time: 2.5 seconds (default)
Working temperature: -20 - +80 ┬░ C
Dimensions: 32mm x 24mm x 18mm