Introduction to large-scale production of LEDs of all the basic colors, including white and composite RGB LEDs, lighting designers gave a new degree of freedom.

   These elements create a new quality in the light and not only can change our lives, but also are able to meet the demands of many previously unattainable practical. They are characterized by the lifetime of about 100,000 hours and produce light with much higher energy efficiency than the previously used light source, so that a reduction in energy consumption. Classic lamps now offer even higher luminous efficacy, but this may soon change in favor of LED lighting.

Super Flux LED type

Strip 3RGB       The advantage of LED lighting is directional. If the normal source of light shine in all directions, it directs all the LED emitted light in a desired direction, so that the effective luminous efficacy of LEDs is much higher than conventional light sources. This allows the LED power may be reduced which contributes to energy savings. What's more, for a particular color of light emitting diodes produced all the power is concentrated in the selected wavelength. The traditional sources need to apply filters to retain more than 50% of the energy.

   Another advantage of LEDs is the lack of thermal emission in the direction of illumination. LEDs emit light only at the correct wavelength for a given structure. Not accompanied by emission of thermal radiation in the direction of illumination. Thus, LEDs do not heat the objects that light! LEDs, however, the same heat as a result of the so-called. internal reflection, but the heat is easily dissipated in a properly designed enclosure and circuits.

Strips of warm and white color light.    Paramount feature of LEDs, which does not have any other source of light is a constant color of the emitted light in the whole range of power LEDs. In other words, "dimming" LED does not change the color of the light! Incandescent and halogen bulbs with dimming are becoming more yellow, even slightly red. However, even the barely lit LED has the same color as the same LED brightly. This allows you to smoothly regulate a wide range of power LED and thus obtain the correct light intensity of the color unchanged. The latest projects are used LED light source, even more powerful, which normally run on "low speed" if necessary to be able to get the full power out to illuminate the room.

  And finally, energy-efficient LEDs. It is better than all existing light sources. The team retrieves power LED 20W light output gives more, the 100-watt light bulb! LEDs are about half the "power-hungry" from compact light bulbs (CFLs). This leads to the fact that in some applications the LED's simply not worth off! An additional advantage is the low supply voltage LEDs, allowing you to use it in areas exposed to moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens without worrying about electric user.

   RGB light-emitting diodes in the three primary colors, they enable any color, its easy to change and achieve special effects. The major applications allow you to customize the color of the emitted light to the needs of such jobs throughout the day from the morning to the cool colors of light color saturated southern heat. Also in residential interiors can be used to change the color of a delicate example in the bathroom to get proper lighting to comply with proper makeup for day or evening. It becomes easy to fill spaces where external light operates daily and use the same sources to get a warm atmosphere in the evening.

Spectrum RGB LEDs