Realization - living room    We specialize in modern lighting control systems design: LEDs, fiber optics, electro-luminescent elements. We are manufacturer of strips, panels and LED spots for individual and industrial applications. We install control systems of "smart house" built of modules working together on a distributed intelligence without CPU.

   Each lighting system is different, so LED solutions are individual. We give architects and designers the freedom lighting design. We assume responsibility for the technical side of the project. In addition to ready-made elements such as moldings, panels and spots we perform any other LED light sources based on existing LEDs on the market. Realization - bedroom

Realization - kitchen

   We work in the field of partial or complete replacement of existing lighting design. We develop and support the design of lighting systems for new projects. We have our own team to work in construction and finishing in a competent manner and zabuduje install lighting system with control systems.

   We do custom lighting, spotlights and lighting systems. Replace the existing fluorescent fixtures contributions to the LED, incandescent to LED panels and halogen burners LED spots. Establish cooperation with the manufacturers or distributors of lighting equipment in the LED light source.

Lighting LumiTEC